They May Be Cute in the Park, but Near Your Home or Business, Pigeons are no Better Than Flying Rats

One of the larger and more irritating outdoor pests dealt with by Phoenix exterminating companies is the pigeon. Many people might not consider calling pest control in Phoenix, AZ for a pigeon problem, but pigeons can cause extensive damage to the outsides of buildings, as well as carry diseases. If you notice a large pigeon population around your home or business, contact AZ exterminators to humanely deal with the problem.

Where are pigeons regularly found?

Pigeons tend to build their nests in urban areas and are often found on ledges, in steeples and attics, and even in window sills. Pest control in Phoenix, AZ generally deals with large pigeon populations around city buildings. Phoenix exterminating may be needed for pigeons anywhere food and water is readily available. They can thrive just about anywhere in a large city. On top of that, pigeons can survive for a long time without food and water, making them difficult to eradicate without the help of AZ exterminators.

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What type of diseases do pigeons carry?

When it comes to disease, pigeon droppings can be very dangerous. The bacteria present in pigeon droppings can cause a number of diseases, such as:

  • Encephalitis. Encephalitis is a swelling of the brain, which can be caused by viral agents in the pigeon droppings. Because of this, only professional pest control in Phoenix, AZ should deal with the cleaning up of these bird droppings.
  • Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacterial disease causing intestinal problems, as well as breathing problems in some cases. The Salmonella bacteria are always present in pigeon droppings, which should only be handled by a Phoenix exterminating company.
  • Meningitis. Meningitis causes an inflammation of the meninges, or the membrane covering the brain. Human to human transmission is not the only way to catch this disease, as the virus is also present in pigeon droppings. Since meningitis can be extremely dangerous if not treated immediately, pigeon droppings should be avoided at all costs and AZ exterminators should be contacted to deal with the problem.

How are pigeon populations controlled?
Perhaps the most efficient way to deal with pigeons is through the use of bird netting. Bird netting prevents pigeons from getting to certain areas of a building, forcing them to turn to other places to build their nests. Electric shock tracks and birth control can also be effective ways to prevent pigeon populations in urban areas. Look for a Phoenix exterminating company which uses humane methods such as these.

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