Finding the right pest control company in Phoenix can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home from all types of pests. Use the wrong pest control company, and you’ll have a false sense of protection while pests like cockroaches, termites, and rats run rampant through your home. And you might end up overpaying for the privilege.

Knowing what not to do is sometimes just as important as knowing to do. Here are a few mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when choosing the pest control company to service your Phoenix home:

Mistake #1: Don’t Ask the Right Questions

It’s not always easy to think of all the appropriate questions to ask a potential service provider when you are in the moment. You may remember to ask about the big, obvious things like how much the service will cost or what treatment methods will be used, but you may forget about things like whether the company offers a warranty on the work or whether all technicians are insured.

Spend some time brainstorming questions before you contact any pest control companies. Make a list of all questions to ask, and refer to it frequently during your phone conversation or in-person meeting.

Mistake #2: Ignore Online Reviews

You really need to hear from people who have hired the company for pest services to know what kind of service and results you can expect. Unfortunately, our world has become so large and disconnected that it’s not always possible that you know someone personally who has hired the company.

For that reason, you really need to go online and read reviews from past customers. Read the good and the bad reviews (if there are any) to get a balanced perspective of what you can expect from the company. Even the best companies may have the occasional bad review. You want to see what consensus is in the reviews to know what kind of service the company typically delivers.

Mistake #3: Don’t Visit the Company in Person

We do so much business online these days that we forget how much it is possible to learn about a company from the in-person visit. When you go to a pest control company directly, you may get a chance to meet some of the pest control technicians. You can experience their service first-hand, which will tell you a lot about what to expect from your visit. You’ll also get a look at the professionalism in the office, which will tell you a lot about what kind of care the technicians will bring to the job.

Instead of calling to ask your questions about pest services, make a stop into the office to talk to a technician in person instead.

Mistake #4: Choose the Cheapest Option

We all want to save as much money as we can, but the cheapest option is not always the best option. That’s especially true for pest services, which will be priced with the skill and experience of the technicians in mind, as well as the effectiveness of the pest treatments.

Rather than looking at the hard number as your bottom line, balance the cost against the reputation, experience, warranty, and other offerings from the pest control company. You need to focus on value, which is what you get for your money, rather than simply how much you pay.

Avoid making these common mistakes when you search for the right pest control services for your home or business. By avoiding these mistakes, you are much more likely to find the right company to eradicate your pest problem and to protect your property from future infestations. You’ll get much more value for your money, and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control has some of the best online reviews and has earned a top reputation as a pest control company servicing Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our experienced technicians treat for all types of pests common to the Phoenix area, including termites, scorpions, ants, roaches, pigeons, roof rats, and more. We offer a variety of treatment options to ensure that we get results for your property. Contact us in Phoenix today to learn more about our pest services or to schedule an inspection of your property.

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