Bed bugs can be a real nuisance. These aren’t your average pests. These are pests that live in your bed – your place of rest and sanctuary. Just the thought of tiny bugs crawling over you while you sleep and sucking on your blood is enough to send shivers up your spine.

If you think you have bed bugs in Arizona, you might want to get rid of them as fast as possible, so you might try to start taking measures yourself to get rid of them. But trying to take on the job yourself can end up causing you more trouble. Here are five reasons you should also hire the professionals to eradicate your bed bugs:

Bed Bugs are Great at Hiding

You’ll have a hard time finding bed bugs because they are so good at hiding. In fact, you may not even know you have bed bugs until the problem has become severe. The bugs are small, and they mostly live inside your mattress or other furniture. They come out at night when they need to feed, and they are likely to stick near the seams or edges of the mattress or furniture.

Bed bugs also hide on things that you bring into your home, such as luggage you brought back from an infested hotel or furniture you bought secondhand.

You need a professional who knows how to find bed bugs to root them out and get them out of your house.

Bed Bugs Reproduce and Spread Quickly

Bed bugs have a short life span. While that may mean they won’t live for long, it also means that they are ready to reproduce quickly, and they do so profusely. Once you have bed bugs in your home, they will reproduce and spread quickly. They will move to other areas of your home, including other beds and furniture like your sofa.

Professionals can stop bed bugs quickly, so that they do not grow out of control. They can even treat the eggs so that they don’t hatch.

Bed Bugs Go Where You Don’t Expect

Though bed bugs get their name because they primarily like to hang out in beds where people are readily available when the bugs want to eat, the bugs can actually spread throughout your home. They can get into your carpets and even inside your walls. Once that happens, you are going to be powerless to get them out or to stop them from spreading further.

Only a professionally trained pest control technician in Arizona can get out bed bugs when they have spread to those areas of your home. The professionals know how to find the bugs and what solutions to use to get them out.

Over-the-Counter Solutions Don’t Work

You can find all types of pesticides at your local home improvement or hardware store. Though these may make big promises about getting rid of beg bugs or other pests, they are not actually effective. You will end up spending a lot of money on pesticides that don’t work, while the bed bugs spread through your home and your problem gets worse.

The only way to get rid of your bed bugs for good is to hire an Arizona pest control company to take care of the problem. The professionals will apply an initial treatment and then perform follow-up treatments until the bugs are gone for good.

You Shouldn’t Spread Pesticides on Your Bed

Even if you found a pesticide that got results, you’d still be spraying it on and around your bed, which would not be good for your health. You shouldn’t be slathering harsh chemicals on your sleeping space. You’ll be breathing those chemicals in and getting them on your skin, which will absorb them into your body.

Professionals have many options for getting rid of the bed bugs in your home, and they will ensure that any treatments are safe for you and your family. If something is riskier, you will be asked to be away from the property for the appropriate amount of time.

Bed bugs are a major nuisance, but they are very tricky to eradicate. You shouldn’t try to take on the job yourself. You should call a qualified pest control company in Arizona to discuss your treatment options. You’ll get rid of the bugs faster, protect your property, and protect your family at the same time.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help. An Arizona pest control technician from our team will inspect your property to determine if you have bed bugs and how bad the problem is. The technician will then present you with options for elimination, ensuing that you have a safe and serene space once again. We also treat other common pests in the Phoenix area, such as termites, scorpions, cockroaches, ants, roof rats, and more. Call us today to schedule an inspection in the Phoenix area.

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