Spring is upon us, which means warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and plenty of annoying insects and other pests. Spring is a great time to clean your home, not only to get out all that dust and other debris that collected throughout the fall and winter, but also to get it ready for the pest infestation. If you take the right steps, you can make your house less attractive for pests, which can minimize the number of unwanted guests in your home.

Here are four places you should be paying special attention to when cleaning your home:

Home Cleaning

Storage Spaces

Your basement, attic, or crawl space are places you generally just throw the boxes of stuff you don’t need and then forget about them. But these are ideal spots for pests to hide out. They are usually dark, warm, moist, and free of human traffic. Plus, they usually have a lot of good dining material in the form of cardboard, which pests like ants, roaches, and termites love to eat.

Go into your storage spaces and replace all the cardboard you can, choosing instead to put your belongings in plastic storage containers. Clear out any piles of magazines, books, or other paper materials. While you are there, check the area for cracks and crevices that are not part of the ventilation. These small spaces can allow pests to get in. Scorpions can slip through a crack that’s just a sixteenth of an inch, and mice can squeeze through a hole no bigger than a dime.


You know how you get up and start wandering around your kitchen when you’re feeling snackish? Pests do the same thing. Except they don’t really wander so much as relentlessly march across your countertops or nest under your refrigerator and in your cabinets. The smallest crumbs can be a feast for pest, and even sticky spots left behind by liquid spills can be enticing. You need to clean your kitchen thoroughly to keep the pests away.

Start by taking out any old items from your cabinets or pantry, including stale spices, flour, or grains. Even if these are in packaging, they will attract pests. Plus, pests are likely to find a way inside. Just toss these items if they’re no good. Then clear your cabinets and wipe them down well with soap and water. Put in some new contact paper to provide a smooth and clean surface.

Once you’re done with the cabinets, pull out your appliances and thoroughly clean behind them, getting out all the dirt, pet hair, and food crumbs that are there. Use soap and water to wash the floors thoroughly (including under the appliances), and then do the same for the countertops and any other surfaces in the kitchen.

You may think this is a lot of work, but it will make your kitchen look great, and you’ll keep the pests away. You’ll be glad you made the effort.


Bathrooms are attractive to pests because they usually have a lot of moisture. Humidity can build up in the bathroom, and water can remain in the shower or tub long after bathing. You can also have small leaks around the faucets or tub that leave enough water behind for pests to enjoy. Check your bathroom for any such leaks and have them repaired by a qualified plumber. Get into the habit of turning on the dehumidifying fan, as well as using a squeegee after showering.

Next, you should wash your shower curtain and liner thoroughly, and wipe out your medicine cabinet and any shelves or drawers. The goal is to get rid of any residue that could provide a food source for pests, including mold, mildew, or even drips of medicine. Check the window frames for cracks or crevices that need to be caulked.


You can’t keep pest out of your yard, but you can take measures that will keep away the more annoying and harmful pests, such as termites and scorpions. The best thing you can do in your yard is to clear away any debris, including old wood, rotting stumps, random sticks and twigs, and dead leaves. These all provide organic matter that pests love to eat and use for nesting. Clean your gutters and downspouts, and trim any bushes or limbs that are near your home. Not only will this get rid of excess organic material, but it will also keep it away from your home so that pests aren’t tempted inside. Keep untreated mulch away from your home.

Work with a roofer to identify areas that need to be replaced, such as rotting fascia or shingles. You’ll need to do this for the health of your roof anyway, but it will also minimize openings for pests.

All of the spring cleaning you need to do to keep pests away will also benefit your home, both by making it more enjoyable for you but also by extending its lifespan. Be sure to do a thorough spring cleaning, and call an exterminator to develop a treatment plan that will eliminate pests in your home and keep new ones from infesting it.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers wide-ranging solutions for pest control in Arizona. We treat common Arizona pests, such as scorpions, ants, termites, roof rats, pigeons, and more. We can develop a tailored plan for your home that addresses its specific vulnerabilities and needs. Contact us today to learn about your options and start protecting your home.

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